Couples Couplet

I, young dumb happy and wild, high with no prospects nor dime, my groins

You, beauty of a northern indigenous tribe, that mind, sublime, your loins

Traditional Katrilli-dances of the Kolltasaame-people used to be a place to find spouses. They still dance and have these, but more just to gather together, I suppose.

Written for Dverse, serving double shots only today, prompt being Couplets. More precisely end of the poem had to be a couplet, I did just the Couplet. I rarely do short poem, so I wanted to take the challenge of what all can you put in/with two lines.

1928, Norway

My poem suddenly got a turn that refers to the indigenous Saami-people that live in Lapland spanning north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. There used to be saame-folk in Alaska. They have little to no autonomy on their own affairs, their reindeer herding lands are sold to mining companies, train tracks through the forests and hills of Lapland. They hold their own court, a sort of gathering of the tribes to settle things, but it’s a totally another thing how any of their umm..Host? countries treat them. Russia for example, you can guess.. Of them they teach none or close to in school, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a anything mentioned much about Saami people in Finnish Tv. Basically in media blackout. So easy, convenient to close and erase a whole group of people away. Disappear like dust..But Thank god, Saami people keep their traditions up proudly and fight for their rights.

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    1. 🙂 I love Lapland! Would want to go more often than I can, but fjörds and the Hills and the endless nature has a thing to it. And there are some usually hospitable persons, smiling old storytellers.


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