Dreamers of the Last Hope

The Earth was lost. The desperate devised a plan, a grand project for the milleniums possibly. They escaped to moon, to wait ’til Earth could once be home again.

Under the Crust of Moon were huge rows of caskets. Scientist, Engineers, Future farmers and the last hope of humanity, sleeping. In their dreams they sleep with the moon. Ancient sphere orbiting another sphere. That of sorrow, loss, yearning, future Promised Land.

Now it was his turn to go back under. He had been awake to oversee some of the terraforming plans and work rotas, before that he was in stasis for a decade.

He felt an existential dread as he walked into the see-through stasis casket, the door closing. Then he found the dream. He found the calm of moon, its calm walk above the now red-ashen planet as he fell asleep for centuries.

Bedroom CH-12

Written totally for and inspired by the prompt at prose night in https://dversepoets.com/2020/09/14/prosery-monday-moonbeams-and-moon-dreams/

20 thoughts on “Dreamers of the Last Hope

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  1. A very interesting approach to the prompt. The sleep stasis reminded me of some episodes of Black Lightening where humans called pods were put to sleep to be used for later scientific experiments
    I must say the scientific approach offers surprising solutions

    Have a good week


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    1. I try and believe that it will get better, we just need to wake up from our distractions, globally and act as one humanity. So easy peasy lemonese, likely to happen never. But also, we don’t know all, and it’s more constructive to stay hopeful and have a possitive attitude, which is like the theme for the moments experience. Attitude I mean. How you perceive, so it is. What you concentrate on, that’s what you perceive more.


  2. It seems like many of us have the destruction of our planet in mind with this prompt. I like how you made this quite literally sleeping with the moon. And dreaming–for centuries perhaps? I hope they wake to something better.

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  3. Also, as Amazon and California burns, and I wonder when the African jungles and savannahs start ti burn too.. In Finland we had many “no fire” – days, meaning making a fire is not allowed due to risk of a forest fire. Last winter was endless november here in the south, without snow or even cold.. Just dark and icy. How long is the Earth hospitable to us? It is like she’s purging us out of its system, to have life flourish again, for in the age of men it certainly hasn’t. We have been greedy distracted keepers of garden..


  4. A great take on the prompt, which makes me reflect on how we are treating our hospitable earth and why we think we might to better in a hostile environment like the moon…certainly, we are dreamers.

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  5. An imaginative piece of sci-fi, Anthony, which may prove to be true in years to come! I like the idea of caskets under the crust of the moon – no poets in them, though. I love the lines ‘Ancient sphere orbiting another sphere. That of sorrow, loss, yearning, future Promised Land.’ How eerie to be the only one awake after a decade of stasis. The last line is beautiful.

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    1. Thank you so much, I try to take the compliment without my inner self critic defending against having complimented.. Finnish humility, or something 😊
      Don’t know, something in the prompt clikced and I imagined moon, these times, a ghost of a story around this piece. Had I more words, there would have been stuff about time. If you can sleep safely, wake like no time passed, long times wouldn’t mean much? Except they would, imagine what weird culture might await this man as his crewmates just haven’t slept but developed maybe into something different? Ranting than you thank you 😂🤓😉

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